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statement: Bio

Luke Parry is a London-based artist who graduated with a BA in Painting from Camberwell College of Arts in 2021. His practice explores facility and redundancy in both painting and sculptural forms. Through the employment of materials that are often readily available, a sense of universality is shared between the artist and audience.
Interested in the dialogue surrounding value and labour, the artist uses framing as a device to elevate the work, whilst also halting the material mid-function. With the artist’s focus gravitating towards potential instances of display, the work itself becomes concerned within its own state, questioning itself at a point of convergence between object and image.
Using a mix of bought and found items, the artist arranges the elements of his work to suggest another possibility of surface. Materials with inherent traits of production and consumption, such as rubber bands, plastics, wood and metal, are all used by the artist in his endeavours to locate hints of material impotence.
Opting for a cool detachment from pre-planned figuration, the artist relies on mark-making produced by the elements, and, the rights and wrongs of his own hand. The work offers itself as a solution to situations that didn’t require intervention. With the artist’s appropriate use of materials that wrap and stretch around wooden supports, there is a suggestion that anything can become a painting surface. 

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